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"(...)One day, I came up with this idea that my name might explain my role in this theater. I don´t know. I came up with this theory that my whole life has been exchanged with my brother´s life, just because I was given with this name. I felt as if my name has sealed my entire destiny. With this crazy idea, I went to a fortuneteller, who interprets names. Yes, there are such jobs in Korea. There is this book in which you can look up the quality of your name. It is pretty complicated to interpret names, you have to count the strokes in your name, and match the number of the strokes with your birthday, time, and even the birthplace, and so on. Well, they say it is a kind of statistics. Anyway, this guy looked up in this book, this chart for a long time, and said that my name is not good at all. He said my name is too hollow, so I should change my name immediately.(...)" - A Full Person


The whole interpretation is dictated word for word and shown on a prompter. Stuttering, hesitation, and words that are incomprehensible due to unclear pronunciation, are dictated as they sound without correction. The speech is shown on the prompter, which transforms it into theatrical lines, waiting for potential actors.




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